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elect ESHANA for ams PRESIDENT and senate


My name is Eshana and I'm running to be your next AMS President.

I'm a third-year student in the Faculty of Arts majoring in International Relations. I currently serve as your AMS VP Academic and University Affairs and co-chair of the Student Senate Caucus.

Whether it’s purchasing almost 200,000 KN-95 masks for students through the AMS, successfully advocating for the extension of the drop date (without W standing), securing $9 million for student financial aid, $1 million towards reducing food insecurity on campus - I’ve proven that I am consistent, sincere, and I deliver.


I want to fight for you on issues that matter most to you as your next AMS President. Take a look here to see what I stand for and I hope to be able to count on your support.

Picture of Eshana Bhangu, smiling, overlooking the AMS Nest building with a blue sky overhead.


As your AMS VP Academic and two-term Senator, I fought for you and secured over $9 million in financial aid, $1.5 million in recorded lecture technology, $1 million towards  food security initiatives, KN95 masks and rapid tests for all students, and the drop date extension. I never forget that students are the reason I'm here -I'm consistent, sincere, and I deliver. 


As your next AMS President, I’ll focus on:

  • Fighting for Affordable Education, Housing, and Childcare

  • Centring Social Justice and Equity in AMS Operations and Advocacy

  • Increased Mental Health Support and Harm Reduction Services

  • Creating a Culture of Accountability and Transparency 

  • Supporting International Students


Coming soon



Vote from March 7th - 11th at

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